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Intermittent Memory Errors.

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Hi All,

First off i would like to thank all of you for the very valuable information on these forums. A great place to get started and i have learnt a great deal about OCing!

Now, I am facing an issue, and this I am sure you will find interesting to solve.


When the computer is cold (switched off for several hours), and i start it up, i get memory errors spanning a lot of addresses. Hundreds of them!

The errors appear instantly on the first pass of MEMTEST (I boot memtest from USB, but this also happen on the windows version).

The errors will go away if i do the following:
- Lower the frequency of the memory via the multiplier from 1600MHz to ~1300Mhz
- Reboot/retest (errors are gone)
- Bring the memory frequency back up to 1600MHz. No more errors; system is stable for about a day or so before i start getting instability...

The errors will not go away if i do any of the following:
- Decrease CPU frequency via multiplier
- Increase DRAM Voltage, PLL Voltage, QPI Voltage.

- Motherboard: MSI X58A GD65 (latest bios)
- CPU: Intel i7 950
- Memory: ADATA 1600G, 12GB, 6x2GB
- Graphics: ATI 5870

Currently I am suspecting the memory so what i am doing is i am trying to remove/swap modules and retest. This takes time though because the errors do not come up consistently and the computer has to boot after being off for several hours in order for the errors to come up.

Could this be motherboard or cpu related as well?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks, Happy Holidays, and All the Best for 2011!
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Might be something in the memory controller rather than memory, but I really don't know LGA 1366 that well...
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Originally Posted by xd_1771 View Post
Might be something in the memory controller rather than memory, but I really don't know LGA 1366 that well...

Are you suggesting that the issue may be with the CPU?

Here is some more testing that i did on this one:

1. Tried with 1-3 modules on the motherboard (upto 6GB). This did not give any errors. I tried with different sets of memory sticks...

2. Tried again with the full 6 sticks... Errors came back.

3. I was getting errors in the 8-10G memory range at some point. These went away once i removed the stick that corresponds to the 10-12G range...

Weird huh? I am starting to believe that this is not a memory stick, but either a motherboard or CPU issue.

I am continuing to monitor the memory as this takes time... the errors do not come up consistently.

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I have replaced the Motherboard, the issue is still there. Therefore its not a motherboard issue...

What else can we be looking at? CPU? General incompatibility of components? Any thoughts are appreciated.

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