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Hi i have a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound card - 192 kHz - 24.
I reinstalled the drivers for this card, The reason i did this was to fix cracking popping sound i was having while playing BFBC2. Since i did this it got really messed up. I had to reinstall my OS. I cleaned all the files for creative and drivers. I used a couple different programs such as CCleaner and eusing reg cleaner. So after i reinstalled everything it was giving me problems again. These problems where not hardware related, it was all software and console launcher problems. The drivers worked perfectly fine. LONg story short i get everything working except for one thing. when i turn my computer off and turn it back on. Then i go to open the console launcher. click on Attached file/ I need help to fix this problem. I don't understand why it keeps doing this.