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My OC settings wont stick, what gives?! D:

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Hi, I have been OCing my system for a few months already, everything went very smoothly until now.

Today after uninstalling antivirus, I had to reboot my system. Suddenly, I feel the slow performance which is weird since I just uninstalled norton....

I decided to check my system from control panel, it actually says 2.4ghz @2.4ghz, which was the stock setting. I thought that was weird because my system has been sitting at 3.0ghz for a few months already and this never happened.

So I went and check my BIOS setting, everything is still the same, its still at 334fbs x9 which should give me 3006mhz --> 3.0 ghz, right?

So I rebooted, log into windows and I checked CPU-Z and control panel, it is still sitting in 2.4ghz. I tried to mess around with voltage, fsb and multiplier, absolutly nothing gets affected after I log into window but everything is saved in the bios menu......

Heres my system:

cpu = Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.4ghz, Kentsfield G0
ram = DDR2 800 (i think? its been a while lol)
mb = GA-P35C-DS3R

Please tell me if you need any additional info, I'll try my best to dig these info up.
Also pardon me if I am doing something retarded, i am a OC noob
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Did you click save and exit on your bios and not just exit?
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Of course I did, I purged CMOS a couple time as well, no luck, and I updated my bios to f12, no luck, back to f4, still no luck.....
It is running at stock setting right now which is fine if I dont play games that are demanding. I can run every game I own at max FPS EXCEPT GTA4, mass effect 2, dragon, Just Cause 2 all running at max setting mas fps with my current set up, its just GTA4 lagging quite hardcore. That is pretty much the only reason why I wanted to OC my old system before I go ahead and buy new hardware lol, trying to squeeze out a little more before paying.
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