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Northbridge Overclock

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Well SO ive been trying to figure all this overclocking out, i tried to overclock cpu to 4.0 but my true 120 push/pull just isnt cutting it, so im just waiting till tomorrow for my H50. i want to run my ddr3 g.skill ram at 2000. ive got my northbridge at 3000Mhz, my cpu multi is at 13 and bus is at 250, cpu/nb volts at 1.275 and ran for 12 hours last night on prime95 northbridge not going over 50c. what i was curious about was when i do get my H50 and put it on could i just up the multi to 16 to equal 4.0 and change the volts to say 1.38 and see if it is stable. also since i have tested the northbridge settings as they are when i do change multiplier will it cause my northbridge
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yes just up the multi to 16x for 4ghz, that's the great thing about black editions lol, you can try 200x20 too.... 1.38v on air is probably not enough vcore for 4ghz though, you might need ~1.45v but who knows, that's for you to test, each chip is different

to be honest though, h50 wont be much of an upgrade (if any) over the TRUE... what made you buy it? i say you sell both and get a $130 XSPC 240rad water cooling kit, that's a real upgrade and you'll be doing 4.2ghz easy.. also, under water it'll take less vcore to reach the same clocks on air... my 1090t does 4ghz 200x20 at 1.38v prime95 for 8hours+, loads at 35c... that's what i used to idle at with my stock h50
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well really its not a new true i used it on my old qx6700 and i think it warped or left a indension so i dont think it is level, but figured i would try the h50 if it doesnt do any better i might just go to full watercooling. use to have it but didnt like the maintance.
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well i guess you'll find out for yourself it's not much better than a TRUE, if you put on some nice push/pull fans it would be, but when you factor in fan cost ($40 for 2x GT AP-15) + h50 you're pretty close to a XSPC 240rad kit already, and that's a huge improvement over any air cooler/h50/h70 for not much extra
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can you send link to kit? thanks well ill find out if it isnt then ill just try that kit.
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there's also a huge thread about the kit over in the water cooling section, check it out

it's an unbeatable value honestly, temps get very close (<5C) to $300+ custom loops.. you'll probably get >10C drop vs an h50... there's a lot of factors, but i think it's a safe assumption that 4.2ghz 1.5v on your 1090t would be stable & loading under 45C
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