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HAF 932 H50 Problem

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So I was super exicted to start my first build last night.Got to the part of installing the H50 cooler on my CPU.Well I looked at side of the case (back of the cpu)where I would attach the back bracket.The little window in the back only had two holes showing and the other two holes were hidden behind the steel case.I took my motherboard out several time to make sure it was in correctly..it looks like the case might have been cut wrong or measured wrong.I will need to cut on the case to get to these holes.Has anybody else had this problem before?im not going to return it because I got it from Newegg and really don't feel like going through the process of shipping.So I have decided to cut the holes myself..Will a dremel do on a HAF 932 steel case?Thanks for any imformation just frustrated lol
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Dude, it's just for ease of access, you can install the cooler outside your HAF.
I too also had this problem, it might be Asus's boards, you never know. You can take a dremel to it if you really want to. I'd just put the retention bracket on before outside of the case, seat the cooler, screw everything in, then mount the mobo in the HAF, that's what I did
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So your saying mount the bracket on the back of the motherboard first and then install the motherboard into the case? I might have to try that because I was watching some videos on how to install it and all of them installed it with the motherboard into the case.If that works you will have saved me alot of hassle and that will get you some REP lol.
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Install the bracket on the mobo before you install the mobo.

Or, if you really want to cut...Dremel with diamond cutting wheel will slice through case steel like butter.
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Thanks Mongoloid,Don't want to spend $80 or so on something and only use it once more then likely.
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r u serious?
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Yeah lol im a noob..and this is my first build and all videos including the one from corsair says attach it on after you install the motherboard.But thanks to you guys and this site im learning alot
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Yeah just install it outside of the case onto the mobo, then put it inside. I have a 932 myself and that's what I did as I had the exact same problem. Most case manufacturers are realizing that these don't fit and are oversizing them now, like on the 800D.

Should be a breeze. Just take the mobo out, flip it around, put the bracket in position, hold it on with your hand, flip it right-way-up, install the rest, the put it in your case. Only thing left now is to do it
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I got mine install without taking out the mobo
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Well im hoping it will work if I just install the backplate on the motherboard first and then put the motherboard into the case.
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