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4890 Instability

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Hi yall,

I got an HIS 4890 1GB. I thought the stock fan was obnoxiously loud, so I bought an Accelero S1 Rev2 to replace the stock cooling system. I left the thin red heatsink which covers the memory chips and the VRMs. I installed (2) 120mm fans on the accelero which each push 44 cfm. I also have an additional rear case exhaust fan.

At idle my temps are like 48C and under load with black ops or GTA 4, they reach 75C or thereabouts. However when I run Furmark it hits 100C and the comp crashes. Is this normal?

Also, when I run 3dmark06 I get a score of 174xx at a resolution of 1280x1024. However it says I cannot upload my score because the graphics driver is not recognized. I am running the latest drivers from AMDs web site. Is this normal?

Any help is appreciated!!!
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I would say you have your cooler mounted incorrectly and the GPU is overheating and the system is crashing during furmark. The other thing to look at would be TIM application.

The 3dmark score sounds okay depending on the rest of your system and clock speeds. It is a little odd that it prevents you from uploading your score. Usually with a non approved driver you just get a message saying your score will not be ranked because it has a unapproved driver.
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