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GTX 460 Problems

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So I've had the 768mb EVGA SC 460's since they came out. They've run like champs until today, well, one went.

The one that is problemsome has been my primary one. The driver would crash and then recover almost constantly. So I assumed a bad card, so I decided to clean the dust out and swap cards to see if that was it. Upon pulling them out, the primary had this residue stuff which looks like it saturated the serial sticker half way. But I don't water cool, and it's in a very dry climate with no liquid hazards or anything within 50 feet.

I've uploaded images here: http://imgur.com/a/CLfo3/all

Who is our EVGA rep and how can I contact him?
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I think those are (PCB manufacturing) residual flux?

I suppose you can contact EVGA, either by the tool free 888 number or just log in to initiate your RMA process.
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