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I have some questions about the seek error rate SMART attribute. I have a Seagate 500Gb 7200.10 (about 3 years old) that has a high seek error rate.

From what I understand, the raw value has a different structure for different vendors so it is not very meaningful. However, what concerns me is that the "value" and "worst" fields have also decreased a lot. I believe they initially start from 100, but on mine they are 47 and 42. The threshold is 30. Even my older 120Gb Seagate (almost 2x power on hours) still has 80/60.

HD Sentinel reports that the HDD health and performance are still 100% and the drive has more than 1000 days left. How can this be, seeing as the seek error rate has dropped from 100 to 42, is pretty close to the threshold and is supposed to be a critical attribute.