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Look if you think folding is a waste of time thats fine. No one os telling you to fold. That being the case, stay out of the folding forums instead of stirring it up. Keep your narrow-minded, redneck, ignorant, unwanted opinion to yourself.

Yes I am pissed. I am pissed that people who think its a waste of time would come in here and continuoulsy gripe about it in the folding forums. We folders don't go into the Benchmarking or BOINC forums and spout that crap.

Quit being a hypocrit and if I want your opinion non-folders I'll tell you what to say.
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If you want to fold you should. I don't fold because I think it's boring and I don't see the benefit from it.

I volunteer my spare time and donate blood and plasma to help other people, it's more helpful than folding is.
I applaud your care for others.