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i bought the motherboard GA-EP45T-USB3P and it says that i can use DDR3 2200 RAM with it. So i bought some DDR3 2200 GSKILL RAM from Newegg and the Motherboard reads the RAM as 1333 RAM. i tried the X.M.P and it didnt work (of course) and i dont know enough about over clocking to try any thing else. I've looked on many other Forums and i cant find an answer more than one that showed me how to OC it alittle bit but still not to DDR3 2200

i dont know if you need my other system specs so i'll give them anyway

Intel core 2 duo E8600 3.33 GHz

4 GIGS (2X2) DDR3 2200 GSKILl RAM

750 corsair modular power suply

XFX 5770 NVIDIA Graphics card

GIGABITE GA-EP45T-USB3P motherboard

(dont really think you need this but i'll give any way)

Antec 600 Computer Case

Thank You for your help ( assuming you help) i really appreciate it