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Intel 960 build

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Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster.

I have a problem and I think I know what it is.

The system I am running is:

Intel quad core 960
Gigabyte UD7 motherboard
2 x nvidia gtx 470 in dual sli (running 3 24"HDMI screens in stereoscopic)
12gb ddr3 ram
G19, G25

And the problem I am having is that when i play a game or use the pc, I am getting random crashes. The last major crash i had was when I was unsing my headphones and the pc started making this beeping noise. Like a series of continued beeps thru the headset until it decided to shut itself down.
Now I am running 5 fans (excluding the processor and graphics cards fans) and inside is relatively cool. So I dont think I have a heating problem. However, I am more leaning towards the 850w PSU I have in the tower.
Would 850w be enough to keep this thing going?
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What kind of PSU is it? If it's anything worth it's salt then 850 should be plenty for your rig.
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