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Here is a quick build coming in at £281. The mobo is Phenom x2 compatible and has a core unlocker on it. ( Fairly cheap too. PSU is made by Corsair, a reputable manufacturer for making solid PSU's. Likewise with RAM. I have a Corsair PSU and its whisper quiet. Not sure about the case but it has good reviews, mid sized. The Phenom x2 (x4) is lovely, but remember it is a lucky dip on whether you can unlock those hidden cores or not.

edit: Just seen this AntecTruePower PSU on ebuyer, I've heard good things about these. 650w too (Plenty Futureproof). £16 off.
Not a very good board for the price, because:
1. mosfets can NOT support an unlocked Phenom II x2 (which consumes 125W at least), at least not very well/not safely, due to it being 4+1 and unheatsinked AND from MSdie.
2. If you can get ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO and it's within price range, this board is 100x better.

For ANY 125W processor (especially for overclocking) you WILL want at least 6+2 or 8+1 (preferably 8+2) power phase and mosfet heatsinks.

Also, there's better RAM for the price (the Kingston 1600 9-9-9 linked earlier - it's much better)