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My case has a cage for 4-5 HDDs but I will only ever use 1. I have a 120mm fan pulling air through the front of the case and this cage is right in front of that fan , somewhat restricting the air flow.The cage slides in/out so removing it isn't a problem.I have an idea to remove the cage and use some foam ( like what a graphics card is laying on when you buy a new 1) to make a small 'bed" for the HDD. There is a lip over the cage where the opticals,front card readers are located. I was thinking of using the foam as a base and laying the HDD on that lip over where the cage is currently located. Would it be safe to rest an HDD on foam like that? If not what other material could I use?
In the pic below the HDD cage is on the bottom right:

The lip is just above the cage behind that metal.