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Hi everyone,
(TL;DR @ bottom)
I don't know how many of you are playing / have played Warcraft III - TFT.
On the ladder (The stardard game aka melee) there has been some people using what is known as a "ShareHack" this hack basicly sends packages to the other player so his/her computer gets overloaded (Clots the ram) and forces a shutdown.

The program can be found via a quick google search for "Share Hack warcraft 3"
I won't link here, because I am not sure if there is any malware included, and don't want to bring people in trouble.

Anyway, I am getting tired of these hackers (obviously) so I've thought long and hard about how to overcome this.

There are programs that cancel out the hack, but they are just as ilegal to use on (Blizzards game platform) and I do not wish to lose my profile.

My ideas:
Do you think something as simple as HotSpotShield will protect ones PC?

Or maybe disabling all incoming traffic as soon as they start attacking?

Any other suggestions are SOO welcome! (I know we have some seriously tech savvy people here, so maybe they can come to aid:))

Thanks in advance!

TL;DR: Warcraft 3, people hack by sending packages to opponents PC, can this be countered by A) hiding IP address? B) Disabling all incoming traffic?