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Ubuntu and Win7 Networking help

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Hi there, I'm running Mint 10 (an ubuntu offshoot) on my laptop but I run Win 7 on my tower and I'm having a ***** of a time getting the two to communicate.

I dont need any sort of security, no passwords, firewalls, nothing.

All I want is for the shared folders on my tower to be read/writable from the laptop and to have a dropbox folder on the laptop.

Samba confuses the hell out of me.

I just want something quick and dirty.

Thanks oh linux gods!
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Your best bet is to create a FAT partition and share it among computers, dont bother trying to share your NTFS parition

I am on Debian but it should be similar, Places->Network-> Your PC Name
enter your password and you should be able to read most of the shared files. You wont be able to write to NTFS ones. Also Make sure your windows has file sharing and network discovery enabled.

I use a mount script with samba, because using the built in network mount has issues for me:
mount -t smbfs -o username=YOURPCNAME "//YOURPCNAME/SHAREFOLDER" /mnt
you can replace /mnt with any mount point you created.

btw there's no such thing as quick and dirty in linux. It is not meant for average users. Maybe people who really ONLY surf the web and do nothing constructive. I dont care what others say, it aint user friendly.
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You can share and read/write to NTFS just fine.

You can make the mount permanent and dynamically connect when it's available (i.e. on the subnet) by configuring autofs.
Search and download a package called "autofs" or similar. You might need the cifs mount package too.

Add this to /etc/auto.master
/home/your_user/Desktop/folder_name  /etc/auto.misc  --timeout=60 --ghost
Add this to /etc/auto.misc
share_name  -fstype=cifs,rw,uid=your_user,gid=your_grp,credentials=/etc/autofs_credentials ://winbox_ip/win_share_name
Add this to /etc/autofs_credentials
Few more things..
mkdir ~/Desktop/folder_name
sudo chmod 600 /etc/autofs_credentials
sudo /etc/init.d/autofs restart
I made a few assumptions writing this but I think it will work.
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Thanks guys, is a password on the windows machine required for this to work?
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yes, since windows xp all network accounts require a password
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