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Y'see, OP... the clue is that Onkyo Receiver.

Doomtomb - ty for the "boost"!

OP - take the plunge and you will not regret it
Np man!
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Just an FYI, 99.99999% of those inexpensive HTIB systems, like that sony will have a passive sub, meaning it draws it's power from the receiver via a speaker wire. You WANT an active sub, which draws it's power from the wall directly. If you want quality sound you will get a system that comes bundled with the receiver, speakers and an active sub or piece together your own system (separate speakers/receiver/sub/etc), no build in dvd players or blu rays or any of that junk, get that separate too.

Plus, if something breaks on an all-in-one, chances are you're out of luck on everything (not worth spending the money to fix it usually). Want to upgrade your speakers down the road? Tough luck, most units, especially sony use proprietary plugs, so don't go breaking the plastic housings for the wires. Want to hook up more than two or three things. It's doable, but you're going to need to use three different connections; maybe digital coax, optical, rca....and in an odd case a 3.5mm aux.

Whereas with a dedicated unit you have a plethora of connections, generally 2 or 3 of each...AT LEAST. Not to mention the standard sub and speaker hookups that let you customize to your hearts content. Sure, you may have a few more wires to deal with, but as with your rig, wire management is key. Take your time and do it right.

Not to mention that most of those HTIB units use cheap thin gauge wires. Inferior products with mediocre marketing and quick shooting sales reps. Gotta love em.

Hopefully this explains why everybody is suggesting other routes besides the just get it and you'll be happy reasons, which are 100% true.

Absolutely true. Non-upgradable, cheap (esp the wires), just overall poor quality materials and components made to look sleek. It's all about the marketing. They are sitting in the Best Buy store where it's easy for people to find them and just get a working sound system with virtually no effort. Not that that's a sin or anything but you overpay for inferior quality. A red flag might be if the sound system you are planning to purchase is made by the same company who made your TV lol. (Unless you are lucky enough to own a Pioneer plasma set).

Lastly, I was in Best Buy today looking at the Macbook Pro 15" and checking the resolution on it. It was 1440x900 and one of the guys told me that "it's a little bit higher than 1080p because it's an L-C-D L-E-D." He said LCD LED all slow like I was retarded or something. The falseness of his statement just made me leave the store immediately in disgust. That's the type of people that sell you HITB.