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SB RAM: Upgrade or Downgrade?

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So Sandy Bridge only supports dual-channel RAM.

Here's where I am: I can keep the RAM I have now, and just use 4 of the 6 sticks, for 8Gb of RAM.


I can buy a pair of 8Gb sets for a total of 16Gb of RAM.

So my e-peen likes the idea of more RAM, but my bank account doesn't (however, I can afford it if I sell what I already have).

I can see using all that RAM, as I am a big user of Maya and Photoshop, and I routinely get to between 6 and 10Gb on this machine. I don't think loosing 2Gb would make my job massively difficult, but even so.

Also, would overclocking my 2600k be harder with more RAM? I'm assuming not, because overclocking is done only with the multiplier, but I want to be sure, before I drop money on it.
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I say stick with what you have, because its money already spent. Sell the remaining modules off and get some cash and you have yourself a win win situation. 8Gb is more than enough, 16gb would be a bit overkill.
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