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Abit VT7 Bios Vcore limit?

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I'm probably just beating a dead horse here, but I had a couple questions on Vcore adjustment with this mobo.

Anyways, ever since I've had this board (Abit VT7) the Vcore adjustments are:
- 50mV
Cpu Defalt
+ 50 mV
+ 100 mV

50mV = .05v

I've used about 5 or 6 different chips (Prescott, Northwood and one Willamette core) and each one had the same Vcore adjustment. The bios revision on the board is 1.4 which is the latest, which was installed when I purchased it.
I happen to run across a pic of the softmenu on an Abit VT7 and noticed +150mV was available..... So after digging around some more, +150mV should be a stock available option.
I downloaded the 1.0 though 1.4 revisions, extracted the BIOS.bin and ran them in modbin6. All versions had the +150mV Vcore and it was setup as selectable, so does that mean I have a bad bios or a limited one?

Would flashing it with a 1.4 form Abit's site be a good idea,? or could this be a possible CPU limit to keep from excessive overvolting? Any ideas are welcome.
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Bump for some good advice.

I should also mention, my Vcore with +100mV is 1.47v (Prescott core, 2.4A 533fsb, 478 socket) with a 194 max stable FSB resulting in 3.5ghz. I'm hoping to get past the hole at 195'ish and run at or close to 200fsb / 3.6ghz and 1.52v should be able to get me to that point, but +6 fbs isn't worth bricking my mobo.
So, if anyone has had any issue's similar to this or has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
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