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is the psu i am looking at. tones of good deals at direct canada atm for psu's. but wont have the funds till friday, and they end today . my old one will be rma=ed ( gotta love lifetime warantee) and either kepr as a back up or sold.
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Originally Posted by noobdown View Post
i have a 9850 BE oc-ed to 3.0 and a 6850 @ 880/1050. when i am playing games, i get like a 1 second lag. should i take it as the 9850 is my bottleneck?

my 9850be ran my 2 4830 with out a problem.
A SMALL bottleneck in terms of FPS . lag is something else..

INSTALL ATT- ati tray tools...

there change the flip order to 0-1 and see watch your lag now/.

Any drivers ( special) installed for your components?? hmm. Also, try this if ALL ELSE FAILS --- open MSCONFIG and reduce the number of accessible cores ( for windows) to 3. Theory, all theory.

The ATT flip order queue is very true
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got new psu in. everything is working fine. the 3.3 and 12v rails were going on my 750w psu.
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