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oh quick question. i remember a long time ago, it was better to have two rails. but alotta people are still reccomending psu's with one rail now. whats the opinion on this? thanks.
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Just forget about the whole rails thing. It isn't better to have one rail or two rails or however many rails. Basically, it makes no difference.
If you're interested in a more lengthy explanation, then you should read this: http://www.overclock.net/power-supplies/761202-single-rail-vs-multi-rail-explained.html
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Its at a pretty good price. I have been using my Zalman 750 for a year now, and its been great.
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That power supply is good enough unless you're powering real "juicy" video card(s).

In fact I ordered one and have no shame in doing so for my primary build.

If a Corsair or SeaSonic becomes available at a great sale price I'll then purchase that and use the Zalman for my second computer.
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