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1080p doesn't work on my HDTV anymore

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I just got a brand new Insignia 1080p 60Hz 32" HDTV and I hooked it up to my computer yesterday and my 1080p and 1920x1080 and 60Hz was working perfectly fine with no problems at all.

So I turned it off and went to bed and woke up in the morning and turned on my pc, and when the resolution is set to 1920x1080 the screen doesn't scale to the whole TV like it did before and all the text is very hard to read. I'm not sure whats wrong because it was working yesterday but now it does not work today.

I'm using an HDMI cable and the highest resolution i can do that looks normal is 1280x768 at 60Hz 720p. The highest I can set it to is 1920x1080@30Hz and 1080i now and it looks horrible. I'm using a ATI 5770 graphics card and it should be able to handle this resolution so not sure why it is not working. And I tested my xbox on it and it uses 1080p with no problems.

There use to be a 1080p option in the Desktop Properties section in the Catalyst manager but now it only goes to 1080i and there is no 1080p option there anymore

Please help thank you.
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the only thing i can tell you just so you have a response it to set your tv to 'scan' and then adjust your res on your card...
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When im using the hdtv as a monitor for my computer there is only wide and normal options.
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are you sure your model supports 1080p? A lot of 32in only do 720p/1080i
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It was working in 1080p when i first hooked it up, and my xbox 360 works in 1080p and I know for a fact it is 1080p it also says it on the box and in the specifications on the bestbuy website.
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Reinstall CCC, or go into CCC and have a look around at the TV options, also, you should check if PC mode is off on the TV, and have a look around for any fishy settings.

Can you reset the TV to factory?
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I've tried all the option in the catalyst control center and I can only get it to 1920x1080@30Hz at 1080i, when I set it to 60Hz it goes back to 720p.

And I dont think there is a pc mode on my tv? ive looked in all the settings and I did turn overscan off but it didnt solve my problem
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You don't still have that Dynex 21" 720P 1360x768 connected to your pc? try disconnecting that monitor, and run the 1080P 32 inch one on it's own.
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Noo I took that one off its not connected to that anymore. Would EPID or w/e its called have anything to do with this?
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Make sure it is plugged into the right port, my GFs TV looked all funky with my computer hooked up, come to find out, only one of the plugs on the TV was a "DVI" hdmi port, so it was the only one that properly displayed a computer input. try unhooking and rehooking it up. go back to your old monitor and reinstall your drivers and try again.
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