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Originally Posted by goldbranch View Post
Wow, I was away for just 30 mins and there's already been 3 pages or response. Gotta love OCN.

Well, I guess I should clarify by providing more details as well as my opinions:

I mainly game, sometimes bench (3dmark, game benchmarks), nothing really intense.
And hell I would not run prime95 with Furmark at the same time nor any of them for 24hrs a day.
Also, I thought my PSU (silent pro, not the extreme) was a good one (not top notch, but gotta be above average). And the 460s I will be using are the 768MB ones, not 1GB. Is the 768MB supposed to consume less power than 1GB?
Finally, according to those reviews out there, sandy bridge should consume less power than i7 (which is normally used in 460s SLI reviews). Should we consider on that, too?
a good quality 600watt is more than enough......
and btw the old i7 8xx series is rated at 95 watt and the sb i7 are also rated at 95 watt which not very high.......but the i7 9xx are 130 watt rated tdp....
so with sb u will be safe......and btw i too plan on going gtx 460 hawk sli...which is possible on a 600 watt....so ur 768 mb consumes even less power so u should be fine......
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and btw i had previously made exactly this kind of thread and got cleared that a 600 watter can handle 2 gtx 460's if its able to provide what its rated for....this fact was confirmed by our own psu guru Phaedrus2129.....he's the best.....
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