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It says that those ports are required open on steam's troubleshooting site...... Here is the link

so I am not sure why you think they do not need to be. OP I would believe the steam troubleshooting site before I would believe this......

If you read what it says each port range is for on the steam site link I gave you, you see that him saying "those ports have to be open to host servers" is completely wrong

Steam will function with no internet connection or all listed ports closed for offline only play but thats not the point......rolleyes.gif

It also says at the bottom of the page
Many university networks and proxies block required ports for Steam operation - please consult your network administrator to ensure the required ports are open if you are using a university network or a proxy. Ports required for Steam can not be re-mapped to HTTP or reconfigured to a custom port range."

I have those ports blocked. I can still connect to Steam fine.

It's not about what data is allowed in, it's about the data that's allowed out, and blocking that would be ridiculous.