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A little help with cpu temps please :)

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Ok, So first off i think i should label the equpment i'm kinda worried about: I have a Gigabyte x38-ds5 mobo, Running an intel Q9450 core 2 quad O/C'd to 3.2ghz. Ram is: Corsair ddr2, 2x 2gb so total 4096mb. I am not running stock cooling, i have a zalman cnps 9700 LED cooler attached.

Now what the problem is, is that when im checking for stability (as i've only recently overclocked the processor) i find that core 0 will rise to about 90/96 under full load nearly reaching TJMAX while core 3 will only rise as high as say, 74/76 tops? this is after about 20 mins of testing and im hoping to get at least 6/8 hours to declare it stable enough.

I'm using core temp, real temp etc and there all giving the same readings.

Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe the cooler isn't attached properly, but i'll have a look at that tonight. Any Other ideas in the mean time?

By the way all voltages are board controlled and its never been a problem as it seems to run stable enough, just the heat issue!

Thanks for all your help guys...and gals!
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you should try setting your voltages yourself and you should really reseat the cooler, that is one of the biggest reasons for having core differences like that being so huge.

please go fill out your system specs in the user control panel.
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