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I don't understand the youtube issue.
So when we watch youtube, we can right click and use "show info" and see the fps. When I watch 1080p youtube video, if the video is around 5 minutes long, normally the first half my fps is around 20 to 30 while the youtube is buffering the rest of the video, how even, after download the rest, the fps is still 20 to 30, then wait around 1 minute the fps finally keep at 30 and very smooth. I monitor the cpu but it never run at 100%, just 40% to 70% when youtube is buffering and playing the video, then after buffering is around 30%

So is there anything I can do to make my graphics card watching youtube with 30fps? Is that I need to set something?

Is that I can set the graphics card to always run at the top speed? When graphics card is idle it runs around 300Mhz, the top speed is like 800Mhz, and I don't see it is running at top speed even with youtube 1080p.