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Hello all!

Ok, I know this is an old processor but I recently got in to overclocking and am trying to get the most I can out of this thing. I managed to get a stable 2.7GHz out of it but have read of about 3GHZ on the webs. Mine was higher than a few I have seen though. I have a few questions though. I was wondering if I could could I get anymore out of it?

The only things I tweaked were the CPU FSB, CPU voltage, HT Ratio, and DRAM Voltage. My board has the capability of changing Mem Ratio but when I do, it changes in bios but not in CPUID CPU-Z. It even shows the new frequency as I go through the ratios in bios. Why is this? Also, should I be changing NB, HT, or any other voltages? When is a good time to change those numbers?

I also tried lowering the multiplier (mine is locked on the upside) and then increasing the cpu FSB because I have read that it is easier to achieve 10*270=2700 rather than 12*225=2700 and thought I could get more out of it this way. Any higher than a multiplier at 11 and fsb of 225 and the system boots but seems to randomly blue screen to "clock interrupt, blah blah blah, on sec processor errors;" this on little to no load as opposed to loads from prime95 or gaming where it will run fine. Highest temps I have seen are 42C on full load and around 21-23C on idle.

Here is my system:

Phenom II x3 Phenom 8750 2.4GHz overclocked to 2.70GHz
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Heatsink and Fan
MSI K9A2 Neo-F Motherboard
G Skill 4GB DDR2800 RAM
PNY GTX460 1GB 256bit XLR8 OC
Toolless interior Cooler Master Cavalier CAV-T03-UW midtower case and 600W Cooler Master eXtreme Power P.S.
3 HDDs, a SATA 500GB for Win 7 ultimate install. drive, SATA 1tb for Storage, and a 200GB PATA downloading/uploading drive
22X Lite-On DVDR+-DL
LG w2343tv 23in 1920x1080 LCD
Creative 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Current overclocking settings:


Any input or help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated!