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Ok I got it and tried to use it but it is too complicated for me to figure out, I even read a little up on it. I guess I was spoiled by simply putting a cd in the drive and clicking rip with WMP.

What I want to beable to rip all my cd's in FLAC and have one single music folder that opens and inside has folders by genre then artists, artist albums, songs.

I also like my music saved: track number #/songname/album/artist

What and how can I do this? Then later on I can simply use a player and link it to this single folder and have it create a library as in WMP that has all my music sorted with correct names and album art.
What I did when I went lossless is rip all my CDs using WMP with the WMA lossless method, and it still sounded much better than MP3s. If you're looking for simplicity in going lossless, I'd do that. I'll admit, I've never heard a FLAC file, so I can't compare WMAL to FLAC.