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A friend of mine who owns a Rampage III Extreme was installing a new watercooling loop into his computer, and upon turning it on again for the first time, it wouldn't post (no, no leaks). With everything plugged in absolutely nothing happens--the screen stays black.

At first, I thought that his CPU might have burnt out for reasons stated in a previous post here. However, upon further inspection, when I had him look at the LED checklist on the right of the board, everything passes but the DRAM and the BOOT DEVICE LEDs, which just stay red.

I have had him try clearing CMOS, obviously, as well as check to make sure that all 3 of his DIMMs are plugged into the red slots and not the black ones. I haven't told him to try each stick one by one yet, as I can only help him periodically over the phone (I'm away at college).

Any ideas and/or things that I should tell him to try when I get back on the phone with him?

Thanks everyone.