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New power supply then blue screen??

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I just put in a new power supply:

I also went inside and used duster (compressed air) and swapped my 2nd graphics card to the 1st slot and vice versa. They are two 4890's in crossfire. Other than that nothing else.

Now, since I switched gfx cards, I went in and removed the drivers. Then after, I booted into safe mode and ran driver sweeper.

But I noticed my system was WEIRD. I booted, and it said my "windows my be counterfeit" , it had a button for "ask me later", I Hit that and got on my desktop.

I ran the first ATI driver. It finished and I was going to reboot. Then BAM.

Blue screen of death. Said something about memory. ***?

How? I just put this new stuff in - could it be cuz I was overclocked at 3.7ghz and this new power supply is unstable with that setting, and I will have to find a new setting?

I just reset the CMOS, and I'm probably just going to reformat (I already have everything backed up) , since I've been wanting to for a while now.

I'm just nervous and hoping this power supply is in good condition, just got it today from the egg.
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Well basically each PSU is going to fluctuate differently on each rail. So your previous overclock whilst will be fine on one PSU might not be on another due to power fluctuations. I think it's called rippling.

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