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I really don't think you need an H50 to handle a 95W TDP stock processor.
I think a Hyper 212+ would be enough and just fine, and an inexpensive solution.
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Originally Posted by IzninjaFTW View Post
OK so, 37c is an excellent temperature. You can get cooler temps probably by getting a H50 or H70. Do you know what your ambient temps are and do you have an other fans blowing air onto the heat sink or sucking air from it?

And you could always get a good air cooler like the Hyper 212+.

But if you plan on getting a Phenom II x6 I would recommend a H50 or H70
212+ my friend. HDT FTW !!

May not look all that cool, but for 15$ You get ~ 35$ cooler performance !

stock supplied thermal grease will suffice if you're on a budget- it does not dry.
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yea the 212+ is great im running a phenomII 940 BE OC to 3.4 and my max temps are 27 idle and 40 playing sc 2
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