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530GT and 540GTX

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I recently found out that S3 Graphics still exists! I vaguely remember us having a PC with an S3 chipset at one point. I thought they went out of business, but apparently they're a part of Via now and still make graphics cards. Or did up to 2009 at least.

I've been trying to locate an S3 Chrome 530GT or 540GTX to see how they perform(ed). Apparently the 540GTX was intended to compete with the Radeon HD4670 and the GeForce 9600GT. But they never marketed the cards, and no place seems to sell them. Apparently they sold them on their website for a while; but the web store appears to have disappeared.

Anyone have any ideas for locating one of these?
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thing has such a bare PCB lol

well theres via.com but it looks like you'd have to call or email about it

can't really find anything else about them sales-wise aside from the fact the 540 retailed for $70

also I would guess it more along the lines of an 8400GS up to 8600GTS 256MB, the 9600GT has 2x the stream processors, 2x the min memory and 4x the bus width
9500GT is most similar for 9xxx, though still has 2x bus width

also I would guess they were sold as OEM, for businesses so likely the only boxes they were ever in are in offices, which is where they would stay unless some IT admin upgraded them, in which case he would just throw them out most likely, in rare cases sell on Ebay maybe
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