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I'm going to be the d-bag who doesn't read the thread and just posts, but one, controller will dictate throughput on writes so your controller and size of SSD matters.
2, I have never seen an SSD that benches exactly what the specs say.
3. Random writes are what really matter and your SSD kills your mechanical hard drive in that.
4. You really bought that SSD because access times are crazy fast compared to a mechanical, literally hundreds of times faster.

It should still feel much faster than your mechanical drive, people get too focused on sequential write or read numbers yet in everyday usage they matter the least.
All very well made points. Everything feels much faster and as I mentioned before, after turning on ahci my boot and shut down times dropped dramatically. I'm not going to worry about the seq write speed anymore but if anyone has any more idea's and how to speed it up I'm always open to that possibility. I know it's a lower end SSD too so I shouldn't expect the world from it. Considering I got it for $75 on while the egg wants $120 I think I got a pretty good deal on it.

Thank you everyone for your time and patience while I get used to my new techno-gizmo-thing-a-majig