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OK playing around some now to make sure things look good on my image and etc. starting out with 1 SSD I noticed something odd off the bat with my HD Tune read results

This is my OS drive, all latest updates and drivers, key services running, MS Security essentials running. Thought the results would be a little more level than this, and burst seems low.

This is hooked up to the Intel port in AHCI mode, latest drivers, intel Rapid storage software installed.

Does this look about normal to you?

Here is AS SSD in the mean time while I try to figure out the above.
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Well the MS Backup and restore didnt work out for testing

Instead I put my Win7 install on a USB key and can have the machine up and running in 5 minutes for each install. Drivers and updates take a little bit but I used WSUS to speed things up some more

Again my install is simple, windows 7 x64, all latest windows updates, all latest drivers, use ninite.com to install all common programs, install office 2007, install crysis, install benchmark programs, get results.

I started with the 6 drives and am workign my way down since really I only need 4 SSDs to run on the Dell PERC 5/i (the cable I got for now only has 4 SATA), the true comparison test will be the three SAS against the 3 SSD, against 3 7200 RPM, against 3 WD Blacks on the PERC 5/i..... unless I see the scaling better on the PERC 5/i that is then I might get the second cable

Tests I am / have been running:
HD Tune
Windows startup and shutdown
Windows Drive rating
Crysis level load

Honestly for anyone reading this and wondering if they should get an SSD, the answer is YES! I already love the performance of just the single drive, it matches the 3x SAS 10k RPM drives on a hardware RAId controller lol, so the reduced noise and heat is well worth it alreadyto me. My system feels as it should.... responsive! now if only they made 500GB SSDs cheap I would buy two for a RAID 0 lmao.

But the rest of the results will have ot wait as I continue to load windows over, and over, and over again.

Once I get on to the real testing though comparing various drives against each other if there are more tests you would liek to see or certain settings in the above benchmarks please let me know.

Right now I am just running the benchies stock as is
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got my cable in today, and ran through a bunch of benchmarks with the SSDs, but need to now move on to the Hard drives on the PERC 5/i

I discovered however that the SSDs perform very, VERY bad on the PERC 5/i!!

Someone said it is mainly due to the sandforce controllers but it still seems like they should do just as well if not better on a hardware controller.

Oh well...

I have 5 samsung 1TB drives, 4 WD Black 1TB, 4 WD Blue 320s and 3 Seagate 10krpm sas drives I need to run through for direct comparisons Once I get those I will post what I can. (I'll be doing all that this week)
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