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My brother just built me a Server that I am going to use as a media server for my whole house. I am in the infant stages of setting it up.

My first priority is a sound card. I am looking for a card that can allow me to have surround sound (Dolby and DTS) decoded on the board which will drive a couple of power amplifiers to drive the speakers, I do not want to run it to an intergrated amp that will decode, I just want to use dedicated amps. Is this possible, also is there a sound card that just has the RCA connectors for 7.1 output?

My second priority would be a second sound card or use the onboard sound on the MSI mother board 890 fx gd70 to control separate zones of sound in my house around three or four zones ( two channels per zone), is this at all possible? I think I read somewhere that KX drivers could perform that task using old creative cards, is there new cards that could also perform this task. I do have an old creative audigy card laying around would this suffice for the different sound zones.

Any suggestions or location of where I can find this information would be greatly appreciated.