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hybrid crossfire x help

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i have a gigabyte 890gpa-ud3h and have a HD 6850 ive done all the instructions say and i can see nothing i'm doing wrong but it says the 6850 is disabled in the catalyst control and i cannot find the enable crossfire can someone help smile.gif

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Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but Hybrid Crossfire X is for motherboard-intergrated graphics and low-level stand-alone graphics crossfiring, eg:

MB HD 4290 crossfired with HD5450 etc.

The AMD HD6850 you have will not work in Hybrid Crossfire X with your motherboard as the MB and GPU platforms will not allow it, and because frankly there is no need to. The HD 6850's are mid-high range enthusiast GPU's which will ONLY crossfire with HD 6850/6870 models (best to match them with another 6850 for price/performance). Their solo and stand-alone performance is probably 10 times that of what ANY available Hybrid CrossfireX setup could do.

You need to disable the on-board HD4290 on your motherboard (in the bios) and use your HD6850 as your primary graphics source.

*Note: Hybrid CrossfireX and Crossfire are different standards. With your 6850, concentrate on Crossfire and not the other available terms.
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ok thanks it is great as it is,was just seing if i could do that as if its there may as well try as jjust built it today smile.gif
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Ur welcome.

Have you overclocked it yet? smile.gifsmile.gif
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nope i get paid on the 24th so getting watercooling kit and ill overclock it all then only have 2 case fans and stock cooler right now
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