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1) Screw TMPIN2. Mine's at 128ºC ALWAYS.

2) Speed lowers because of AMD Cool'n'Quiet. Disable it if you hate it. I do because it sucks for rush CPU-Z validations to have 1.2GHz instead of 4.6GHz due to this crap downclocking my system.

3) According to my HWMonitor, TMPIN0 should be your processor and TMPIN1 your board.

Hope that's been helpful
1. Thanks. Thats a load off. It is 100% constant, which smelled bad to me
2. I'm goin through BIOS atm, writing loooads of stuff down to research. Will have tons of questions in the next few days.
3. Thanks Pretty helpfull, now I know my CPU temp.

...the only question I still have is how do you control CPU fan speed without a controller?! Its on a 3 pin!