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Question about overclocking and cooling...

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Hello All:

I am building a new system and this is my first time and my last desktop was a Dell p4 I bought in 2002...so, I bought an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black, and it says its a 125 watt load. I bought the Cooler Master Vortex Pro mainly for size, its smaller than most other coolers. Someone on another forum pointed out to me that it wouldn't be good for overclocking because it pushes air down, and not out the back. So I looked again and found the Cooler Master TX3, which looks like it would be perfect, but what I'm wondering is, it says it can be used on a CPU up to 130 watts. The Phenom II is cutting it close (125 watts). Now, my question is, if I were to overclock it, does the wattage increase and therefore the cooler won't be enough? I am also thinking about the Antec Performance Max but people complain it's too wide for some motherboards and could get in the way of my RAM. Thanks for your help!
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If you want to overclock then your best bet would be to get a nicer air cooler, but if you want to give it a try i would recommend going with an xspc rasa liquid cooling kit. they perform amazing and aren't that expensive.

if you just want to overclock a little then this if the heatsink for you.

here is a link to the 240mm rad version of the rasa kit. there is also a 360 version too.
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Thanks Thrasher, I have the Hyper 212 in mind but I've heard that the larger coolers have a hard time fitting in some cases. I haven't received my case in the mail yet, but measuring out an old Compaq I have kicking around, there is only about 6 inches inside that case and the Hyper is almost 140mm, over six inches tall. I hope the new case is wider, but I'm afraid the Hyper may be too tall.
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