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Symptoms: Baseclock refuses to go higher than 85 when reading CPU-Z in Windows. (Max 3400MHz under load)

Asus P8P67 Deluxe
BIOS: 1053

AI Tweaker Tab
•Target CPU Turbo-Mode Speed: 4000MHz
•Ai Overclock Tuner: Manual
•BCLK: 100
•Turbo Ratio: By All Cores (40)
•Internal PLL Overvoltage: Auto
•Memory Frequency: DDR-1333MHz
•EPU Power Saving Mode: Disabled
•DRAM Timing Control: Settings match my vendor's specifications
•CPU Power Management -> CPU Ratio: Auto
•CPU Power Management -> Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology: Enabled
•CPU Power Management -> Turbo Mode: Enabled
•CPU Power Management -> Turbo Mode Parameters: All Auto
•Load-line Calibration: Auto
•VRM Frequency: AUto
•VRM Spread Spectrum: Disabled
•Phase Control: Standard
•Duty Control: T.Probe
•CPU Current Capability: 100%
•CPU Voltage: Manual Mode (1.200)
•DRAM Voltage: 1.65V (Matches specifications)
•Rest: Auto

Advanced Tab:
CPU Configuration Section:
•CPU Ratio: Auto
•Intel Adaptive Thermal Monitor: Enabled
•Hyper-threading: Enabled
•Active Processor Cores: All
•Limit CPUID Maximum: Disabled
•Execute Disable Bit: Enabled
•Intel Virtualization Technology: Disabled
•Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology: Enabled
•Turbo Mode: Enabled
•CPU C1E: Enabled
•CPU C3 Report: Enabled
•CPU C6 Report: Enabled

All changes were made from the default configuration. Temperatures under full prime load on default settings did not exceed 60 celcius. Any input would be appreciated.