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HD 6970 vs GTX 570/580 - Page 2

Poll Results: Which config to go with?

Poll expired: Jan 24, 2011  
  • 23% (4)
    GTX 570
  • 29% (5)
    GTX 580
  • 41% (7)
    GTX 570 sli
  • 5% (1)
    Other (please specify)
17 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Xristo View Post
580 will be abit of an upgrade but not that much for how much extra your paying ... Wait till mid year and the new series of ati cards should be close to release and they will be awsome .. dont waste your money now the 6970 is a good card man its on par with the 570 .. Some overclocking might change that 580 is a beast though , for the price of coarse it is ... U know for a fact if u just wait something newer and better will come out and youll be kicking yourself.

good point,

sidenote, i ve revised my decision, i ll stick with the 6970 for now, add the AC Xtreme Plus, that way i have 60 bucks out of my pocket, can do some overclocking (for the first time) and XFX wont void the warranty unless physical damage is done to the card, as i just reconfirmed with another rep
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If your past the 30day refund date anyway then I'd wait or crossfire it.

The AMD 6990 and the Nvidia GTX 595 is coming out eventually. The only move up from your card is a GTX 580 and SLI it.

However I agree with Hitman. If your games you own already are playing without any problems and I don't see why not, then I would wait. Your AMD 6970 card is a great card and compares with a Nvidia GTX 570. I'd crossfire it since you already own it. Unless you have problems with it why change something that works?

Tweak that card a bit. Have fun learning OC limits. You are on Overclocker.net. If you fry it then you'll have that excuse to get a new card anyway. Hahaha!
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