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Tweaked things to similar settings (but with lower V core)as you suggested, rchads. It's more stable now, though, and tests faster too!

However I ran into a few small oddities...

The only choices I have for PLL Overvoltage is Auto or Disabled
The only choices I have for Vdropp Control is High or Low.

My bios has no:
SA Voltage
PLL Voltage direct setting because of the above
DDR_VREF stuff

What I do have instead of what was on that bios screen is:
Intel C-State
Package C-State Limit

Given how C-States work, it might be useful to lower the C State to a lower level? Any idea on how I can get the bios to allow me to directly control the PLL Voltage? Tweaking that manually could go far in keeping my vcore low and consequently my temps just that little bit lower.

I have had one BSOD so far at these settings, just due to frequent tabbing in and out of a video game, probably causing the speedstep to get confused and drop on itself. Just idling around or having a non-intensive application up and running causes no BSODs so far. Probably will test heavy gaming when I have more time tomorrow.