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so you get it yetXD
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Not yet, tomorrow hopefully.

Trust me, however much you want it, I want it more.
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It should be here today.

EDIT: No dice. Public holiday tomorrow, away the next day. So... 3 days until next update, maybe 2 if someone can sign off...
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Well, kind of. I'll be sticking around on thursday and the day after. Updates should be here within 48-72 hours!
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So, who wants to hear something sad?

I could've had updates on tuesday! It's thursday now btw. They put the notification for my parcel to be picked up in the wrong mail box!

Updates tomorrow!
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im rattled XD
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Originally Posted by Onions View Post
im rattled XD
As am I, friend, as am I.
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i got my second water cooling rig parts coming in its a media center im stoked XD
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Postage have misplaced the package within their own ranks. It's either in their warehouse and they're not looking hard enough or it's floating around in one of their trucks. It's friday today too, so they won't be working tomorrow or the next day.

I gave them my number (which they should of already had) so if it turns up they can call me.

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