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MSI 6337 mobo quit and rebuilding with a Dell 038hrf cause it was cheap and I wanted to learn. Boy, did I learn. Anyway found diagram of pinouts posted last year by Jaggar (7-19-09) which is great but need a little help matching up some of the pins eg HDD Led pin 22 neg with pin ? Also Power led pin 23 green pos and pin 27 yellow pos with pin ?? Is it pin 5 or is that the HDD connection. I am assuming ESUP is the reset switch. (Does this refer to extended setup? I dont' really need a reset led but what does pin 6 "gnd LED ESUP" connect with as the positive LED pin? Pin 6 is not a true ground as far as I can figure as it does seem to charge some capacitance when i test it to the chassis with an ohm meter. My old MSI system just had a single green led for power by the way so that is what I want to hookup. Last question, is pin 32 really a repeat of "Intruder 3", see pin 1 or is pin 32 actually EXT_SPK 3 since there is a spk 1, 2 & 4 but no 3.
Thanks for any updates. SEE this link for connector diagram

Found this great source of infor which may be where the original information came from. Think I have figured out my questions --- looks like ESUP is not reset and third pin of HDD LED is ground and pull voltage from pin 5 via a resistor. Hope this source is the original owner so offering my BIG Thanks. There is also an update of the 34 pin connector posted online see madhome.
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