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ocz platium ddr2 rma

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how is ocz for rma, i bought this memory from someone in here and this is what he sent me.
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Oh my.. I would ask the user for a refund tbh.
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he told me hes not going to refund my money and to complain to paypal for my money.
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If that is the case, I would do my best to bend the HS back to where it belongs and see if the Ram is, in fact, ok. If it tests bad, then I would start the RMA process. Although you may be out of luck with the DDR2 Platinum series, depending on the speeds of the Ram in question.

PM me if you'd like to discuss this situation with the RMA Manager and I'll put you in touch
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the memory works its just the heat sheild it wont bend back it looks like the glue it on with this tape.
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I see....maybe the adhesive has lost its stickiness and OCZ would, in fact RMA if the Ram overheats while under extreme stress

I've had nothing but excellent results from OCZ RMA's
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i sent you a pm rsfkevski
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All PM's replied...good luck with your RMA and keep us posted how things turn out
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well i got an email from ocz they dont have any ddr2 memory and arnt going to make anymore. they want to give me ddr3 memory?
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well i was told me last week they couldn't get any ddr2 memory and they said they would send me a refund check. so here i am waiting for a check and guess what i got in the mail today ddr2 memory, ***? took almost a month.
ocz sucks im sticking with corsair. corsair has top notch service.
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