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Rr2314 -> rr2322

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I hope someone can help out with my question.

I've had a RR2314 for a while now and maxed it out last summer with 4 x 2tb disks, giving 6tb in a RAID 5 set.

Now I want more, as always.

So want to keep with RocketRaid cuz its given me no issues and performs very well for me. So i've looked at the RR2322, that can have 8 x disks attached.

So the important question is; will the RR2322 recognise the RAID 5 set created on my RR2314?

Can I just swap the card, cables and go? or is it more complicated?
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it should be fine to swap the controllers (most controller families can do this, and many are also backwards compatible with previous generations from the same manufacturer too.

But really the people you need to ask are at Highpoint...
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Thanks, I give it a go later this week.
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Just an update for future reference.

I swapped out my 2314 for a 2322 and it recognises the RAID with no problems.
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