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These 2 links will help you compare the 2. The one has a significantly better cpu while the other has a significantly better gpu. Its really what you would prefer, I would just go with the i3 and deal with low settings on games


Thanks. I was leaning the same way, but as far as value goes I wasn't sure if it's worth a $90 difference for what looks like an even match depending on what you value: cpu vs gpu.

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If you want a machine to play games on, none of the ones you are looking at will suffice for what you're used to playing on. I take my laptop everywhere I go.
I value your opinion, but I think your missing what I'm saying. I'm looking for the cheapest, low budget laptop that can play new(er) games. No need for eye candy or high resolutions. Judging off youtube videos and reviews both laptops should be fine for playing games at 1280x720. Hell some guys are recording with fraps while playing.