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Frame skipping....?

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Here it goes,

Back when WoW didn't support DirectX11 (while I had a DirectX 11 card), I had random tiny freezes, two different types.

The first occured when I reached the view distance limit (I think). It would always happen on the same place (I knew this because I ran backwards and forth again and it happened on the same spot). When changing the view distance to a lower/higher value, it would disappear but happen somewhere else in the game world. It doesn't 100% feel like a freeze, more like a skip. Like I see my character walking, then he skips a part of the game world and continues again.

The second freeze/skip is random. Happens when I fly/mount around the zone or when i'm lvling an alt and walking around.

So, back when WoW didn't have the new graphics + Directx11 sypport, enabling "Reduce Input Lag" solved the freezes. ( at the cost of reduced frames...But I find smooth gameplay > frames)

I might be going nuts but ever since the new graphics appeared (+ Directx11), Reduce Input lag doesn't solve this anymore. It happens with the option on/off, with vsync on/off and with triple buffering on/off

Dx11 is enabled btw (ofc). When I disable it, I have triple/quadruple the amount of stutter/skips/freezes


Intel i7-2600K @ 4.5 Ghz
HD 6950
4GB Kingston HyperX 1600Mhz
WD Black 640GB
Asrock P67 Extreme6

As you can see, this pc is brand new (Sandy Bridge) so your first thought 'could' be that the newer hardware doesn't always run optimal on WoW.

Thing is, my previous build had the EXACT problem

Old PC:

Intel i5-760 @ 4Ghz
4GB Ram 1333Mhz
Samsung F3 1TB/ OCZ 120GB SSD (load times were quicker but I still had the skips)
HD 5870/ GTX 480 ( I have used these two in the lifespan of my old build and they both had it...although I 'think' the 5870 had less skips..could be placebo effect though)

When I search online, I find threads where people also had the issue and reduce input lag resolved it...They are all from before the graphic change though.


http://community.codemasters.com/for...input-lag.html (It's about LOTRO but he explains the exact same problem I had with WoW and how "reduce input lag" fixed it)

So, is the problem GPU related? (as both Nvidia and ATI cards had it) Thing is, why do so little people report this issue to Blizzard then? Maybe because of addiction and they do not notice it?

I've heard stuff like changing max fps to 58 with vsync on, changing "FlipQueueSize' to "0" using ATT but I don't know if those things would actually work or just create a placebo effect
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quit playing wow, problem solved. LOL. sorry i had to.

Have you tried playing it in windowed mode? or by lowering some graphics options such as shaders.
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Shadows are on low, and that is pretty much the only setting (if put on ultra) that is kinda demanding for my system tbh
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