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Movie Summary

Note: I've been playing like crap lately, making stupid mistakes left and right. If any of you were wondering why I didn't release a video last week, that's my excuse. I make quite a few mistakes in this video. I figured I should release something to keep you guys entertained. Hopefully you aren't as disappointed as I am with this footage. I made two versions of this video. One with only music and the other with skype + music. Also, sorry for being so quiet. I forgot to move my microphone.

This is strictly an Arena video. Contains no mods, zero editing, Skype & Music.


Please download the video for best viewing pleasure.

Use Media Player Classic - Home Cinema if you have issues viewing the video.

Song List:
Mike Foyle pres. Statica - Headrush (Original Mix) [GDJB]
Orjan Nilsen - La Guitarra (Orjan Nilsen Balearic Mix)
Mike Foyle - Firefly (Original Mix)

Recorded 1/15/11 - 1/17/11.
Edited by Woundman - 1/27/11 at 10:31am