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Help please!

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Last night I got really drunk and decided to overclock my GTX 460 using EVGA Precision. I think I went too over board and when I did the screen went white. I shut it off and when I reset my computer the problem persisted. It boots up but when I log onto windows it's still a black screen. I know most cards have a failsafe to prevent you from overclocking too much. Right now it's still cool to the touch but the fan is running a little louder, not too much though. I'm currently on safe mode but it won't let me launch EVGA Precision. Someone please help! I'm about to cry
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So you have a working log in in safe mode?

Try uninstalling Precision...if that doesn't work, uninstall the drivers and reinstall them...if that doesn't work, RMA the card.
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try MSI afterburner.
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It won't let me still. It keeps saying "Failed to load RTCore64.sys"
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Vista 64bit?
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I uninstalled precision and updated the drives. I'm gonna pray to god it works. Can I try doing it from BIOS?
No, its Windows 7 64 bit I have a i5-760 at stock and my GPU is a EVGA GTX 460 superclocked. (no pun intended.)
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It worked! YES! Thank you so much for your help!
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