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Help with Ocz Revo Drive X2??

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i got windows 7 to install and boot from it. problem is only 55gb is showing and i have the 240gb version. Anyone own this and have any advice for me?

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did you download the driver from ocz?
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yes, i managed to install it just fine. booted and everything. but i am a noob with anything raid so it might just be something silly like a bios setting or something. when it asked me to chose which drive to install windows on it gave me four 55.9gb options instead of the whole 240gb as just one option. i dont know if that is normal or what. so i just picked the first one and installation was normal. but in my computer only 55gb shows up instead of all 240 gb.

i disconnected every other hard drive so there would be no mix ups. only revo drive is connected.
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55.9GB X 4 = 223.6GB

What your seeing is the RAW presentation of each SSD set. I think you might need to make a setting somewhere to put the 4 sets in a RAID 0.

I'm gonna be honest, I don't know jackdiddley on that product, the above is just my SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess).
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lol, i was pretty sure on the four seperate drives being the total for the main drive. just need to find out how to get all four of them as one.
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Nothing comes up at POST like a "Hit some key to setup RAID".......etc?
I've read many post complaining how difficult it is to get working.
Anything in the Setup CD?
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no set up cd. im gonna keep trying at the ocz forum. thanks guys.
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i dont know i remember i downloaded a driver for the revo before installing windows. when installing windows it asked a few questions on the ssd then windows finished installed. but i didnt have the x2 ver.
i would reinstall windows again and see the questions, then we can help you.
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wait til after the bios is done and you see the silcon image raid controller and hit ctrl-s or f4 to enter the set up then set it up. i have the 120GB revo drive not the x2 but i would imagine the same concept
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I have the RevoDrive X2 and it really flies. Clearly somehow your raid got broken and you ended up with four single drives, and ended up installing Windows on one of those drives. Reconstructing the rate is easy as insomniac42 has suggested, but I would suggest secure erasing the drives before reconstructing the raid drive to get the maximum benefit.

Couple of tips to ensure that your Revo drive runs smoothly and efficiently.
–maximize your OP. In other words when formatting the drive leave about 20 GB untouched. This extra unused space will pay dividends as you use your RevoDrive .
– There is a new firmware version 1.32 available for the RevoDrive. Install this firmware before you install your OS to avoid potential issues.
– If your system is overclocked, set your bios to defaults and your sata to AHCI in bios before setting up your raid and installing the firmware and finally the operating system.
– don't forget that the raid will not pass trim to your drive and you have to depend on its garbage collection to maintain its performance.

If you need any specific help, please post.

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