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Heya, I had some questions for people who own the Sentinel Advance. I recently bought a Naos 3200, which I'm liking, but am not too crazy about the whole pinky rest thing on the side. After looking at pictures of the SA, it seems to have a very similar shape to the Naos minus the pinky rest stuff. I'm wondering if owners could answer some questions about it.

- How is the button build quality? Do they feel loose at all, or are they solid and clicky? I've gotten a lot of mice with buttons (typically the right one for some reason) that were slightly loose and while it doesn't affect my gameplay, I'm very annoyed by it.
- Does the scroll wheel have a good resistance to it to reach the next notch when scrolling or is it smoother/easy to accidentally go up an extra notch when scrolling.
- How light is it with no weights? I've used a msi 3.0, g5, g500, lachesis, death adder, imperator, and naos 3200 if you can compare it to any of them.
- Is the weight of it entirely balanced? Some mice like the g500 seemed to be top heavy and not perfectly balanced.
- Is it relatively easy to lift off? I've been having a little trouble lifting the Naos up due to the right side being a little awkward. Does it have a little lip at all by the side of the right mouse button that logitech mice typically have? Couldn't really tell from pics.

Thanks in advance!